Composite Stanchions

Why Composite Stanchions?

Composite materials ,whether fibre glass, s glass or carbon fibre or a combination of these is an ideal material from which to construct stanchions.   Composites have a high level of elasticity compared to stainless steel and aluminium which allows it to bend far more before failure.  This means the stanchions can with stand higher loads and absorb impacts, bending rather than buckling as shown in the ‘stanchion test photos’.

Stanchions can be painted to match boat colours or clear coated to give ‘the classic carbon look’.

C Spar pioneered the tube or spigot stanchion mounting system which has become the world standard.

C Spar stanchions come with Certificate of Compliance to meet IYRU safty regulations.

Who is using them?


What to order?

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