Carbon P Class Mast

C Spar has undertaken to become supplier of the carbon P Class mast as of 1/12/2014

The tubes will be produced to the same design as the “Blue” version.  This will utilise the same mandrels as all previous carbon “Blue” P Class mast and track tubes.  The decision has been made to produce only the 1 type of mast. The tubes, as before will be produced by Kilwell Fibretube.

To keep costs down, masts will not be finish painted white but have the shrink wrap finish known as SFX.  This is a durable surface that will not break down from UV exposure under normal P Class type sailing where the mast is stored out of direct sunlight between regattas.  A carry bag is still a recommended item to protect the mast from bangs and scratching.  The track area will be coated with durapox black paint to stop moisture absorption into glue cove and the E glass track it attaches to mast.


  • Mast head: Carbon fitting as per attached drawing
  • Windex: Not Supplied
  • Stay attachment: Riley RM740 T Bar backing plate as per previous
  • Gooseneck: Carbon bracket as per drawing
  • Halyard Cleat: CL236 as per previous
  • Mast base: 50mm square acetal as per previous
  • Halyard: 2 to 1 4mm Dyneema Advantage Braid
  • Mast bag: Not Supplied

Cost for the mast is $1265.00 GST inclusive ex-factory Whangarei

New P Class Mast Fittings


  • Forestay 2.5mm 1 x 19 T Bar to Talurite/Thimble
  • Sidestays 2.5mm 1 x 19 T Bar to Eye Swage
  • Stay Adjusters A4772

Cost for set rigging with adjusters $175.00 GST inclusive ex-factory Whangarei

For further information e mail;

or call Matthew at C Spar 021 456185.